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Disclaimer: This website is not associated with Kunal Shah in any way(unfortunately). These are personal notes from publicly available talks by him. This page is run and maintained by Rishi. I have learned so much about the world of business, humans, and products through these talks that I thought the world needs to see more of this in a more organized way.


This website is a place to find out insights about:
1. Products
2. Growth
3. Business
4. Human Behaviour
5. Indian Startup Ecosystem and more

Through talks delivered by Kunal Shah. One of the greatest thinkers and doers from the startup ecosystem around the world who has been building products that scale especially in highly difficult money-poor markets like India. He is someone I personally look up to for how he compounds learning, growth, and wealth.

A few things to note about Kunal Shah:
1. He is the founder of CRED.
2. Successful exit for Freecharge.
3. Does not believe in a fail-fast approach, would rather plan really well.
4. Extremely well-read, well researched, and well informed.

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